Dallas, Mochi, and Haku

I attended a wedding rehearsal dinner for a friend and client today. Naturally, I took photos of the get-together, but my favorites were of their pets Dallas (pomeranian), Mochi (shiba), and Haku (kitten). They’re so adorable.

Seattle, WA. July 1, 2017. Fujifilm X-Pro2 + 16-55/2.8.


The Cat on 20th

On our walk home this afternoon, a neighborhood cat demanded that we stop and pay tribute. He watched us carefully as we approached him. He required scritches and then regarded us with disdain. When we finished paying tribute, he allowed us to continue along our way.

Seattle, WA. June 29, 2017. Fujifilm X-Pro2 + 16-55/2.8.

Toe floofs in the shade


It got up to the mid-90s in Seattle today, and it was officially the hottest day of 2017. We cancelled our plans to be outside to stay indoors where it was significantly cooler. Our cats did their best to stay cool as well. Sheena, our crazy orange long-haired cat, spent most of the day sprawled out under chairs and hiding in the shade.

Seattle, WA. June 25, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.

Making a new friend


I made a new friend on my stroll this afternoon. We happened upon a street corner at the same time. He started walking towards me, and I knelt down to be less threatening. He inspected my camera then rolled around on the sidewalk. After he was done claiming me as one of his own, he allowed me to continue on my way home.

Seattle, WA. June 18, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.