Intense game of Chinese chess


There is a small table and bench area just outside of Four Seas Restaurant on King Street in Chinatown where several locals like to hang out, have a smoke, and play xiangqi (Chinese chess). The group is usually hovering over the game and loudly commenting on what the next moves should be and different strategies to take. I’ve been wanting to get a photo of the game, but I could never see the board. On this day, I had my first clear view of the board itself as well as a gesture from one of the gentlemen playing. I just had to take a photo.

Chinatown. Seattle, WA. July 6, 2017.


Push through the crowds


Pike Place Market can be a very crowded place during cruise ship season. The ships dock mid-week, and all of the passengers flood through the market all week. For many locals, this is an annoyance as it can create bottlenecks in their normal routes through the market.

I personally like tourist season, because it offers so many photographic possibilities. Sometimes the tourists are my photo subjects. Sometimes it’s the locals reacting to tourists.

I was standing on the corner of Pike and 1st waiting for the signal when I saw this elderly couple trying to make their way through the crowds. All they wanted to do was pick up some flowers and get out of the market. The man was somewhat annoyed with all of the tourists standing around and taking selfies with the market sign.

Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA. July 6, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.

Calm in the Central District


One of the homes we frequently pass in the Central District has been doing some major remodeling of their front yard. After what seemed like months of work, it looks like they completed the remodel. The new front garden has fresh plants and some beautiful Buddhist statues. I can’t wait to see when everything is fully grown.

Seattle, WA. June 27, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.

Smoke break in the shade


We’re getting a slight heat wave in Seattle this week. It got up in the upper-70s on Friday. That’s not terribly hot, generally speaking, but it’s still warmer than usual for the region at this time of year. Everyone was either basking in the sun or hiding in the shade.

The clear skies and hard afternoon sun made for some interesting lighting along my usual walking routes. Most photographers don’t like mid-day sun (bad angle, harsh shadows, etc.), but I’ve been enjoying working with it as a challenging lighting exercise. I look for interesting shadows, high-contrast scenes, and other ways to take advantage of the less-than-ideal lighting. Most of the time, I don’t get anything good. Sometimes, though, the hunt pays off.

Chinatown. Seattle, WA. June 23, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.