Push through the crowds


Pike Place Market can be a very crowded place during cruise ship season. The ships dock mid-week, and all of the passengers flood through the market all week. For many locals, this is an annoyance as it can create bottlenecks in their normal routes through the market.

I personally like tourist season, because it offers so many photographic possibilities. Sometimes the tourists are my photo subjects. Sometimes it’s the locals reacting to tourists.

I was standing on the corner of Pike and 1st waiting for the signal when I saw this elderly couple trying to make their way through the crowds. All they wanted to do was pick up some flowers and get out of the market. The man was somewhat annoyed with all of the tourists standing around and taking selfies with the market sign.

Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA. July 6, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.


Sheena and Jackson

Seattle, WA. June 28, 2017.Seattle, WA. June 28, 2017.

Of course I’m photographing our cats to test out new camera gear.

Sheena is the orange cat. Jackson is the gray one. They’re both adorable.

Seattle, WA. June 28, 2017. Fujifilm X-Pro2 + 16-55/2.8.

Toe floofs in the shade


It got up to the mid-90s in Seattle today, and it was officially the hottest day of 2017. We cancelled our plans to be outside to stay indoors where it was significantly cooler. Our cats did their best to stay cool as well. Sheena, our crazy orange long-haired cat, spent most of the day sprawled out under chairs and hiding in the shade.

Seattle, WA. June 25, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.



We got an awesome Vornado vintage pedestal fan from Margaret’s parents earlier this year. Since we live on the top floor of our 6-story apartment building, it can get a little warm during the summer (we have a north-facing apartment, so it’s not as bad as it could be). It has been especially nice to have when we get home from warm walks. We can just crank up the power and stand in front of the fan to cool off. It also happens to be beautifully designed and constructed.

Seattle, WA. June 24, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.